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Dr. Oscar De la Torre-Torres has a BS in Business from La Salle university, Morelia, a MSc in Economic and Financial Engineerings and a Doctor in Science degree in International Businesses from Saint Nicholas and Hidalgo's Michoacan State University (UMSNH). Also, he has made PhDin Economics studies and research work at the Autonomous University of Madrid.


His main research interest are the use of Financial Econometrics in applications such as the portfolio management of institutional investors, the forecast and development of distress periods and warning systems in portfolio management, the benefits of socially responsible investment and algorithmic trading.

Among the related courses related to Financial Econometrics and Financial Economics, he made a "Financial and Economics risk" course at UMSNH with Dr. Francisco Venegas-Martínez, the “Econometric estimation of frontier functions and economic efficiency” course with Dr. William Greene of NYU, at the Fiscal studies center of the Complutense university of Madrid and the "Advanced risk and portfolio management bootcamp” with Dr. Atilio Meucci at the Courant institute of applied Math at Nueva York University.

He has a professional experience in financial markets. He work at Vector investment bank, the financial markets office of the Treasury of FIRA-Bank of Mexico, in the corporate FX division of Scotia Capital and as technical secretary of the Finance Secretary of the State of Michoacan. He also is a former investment advising firm associate.

Actually, is full-time researcher and professor at the Accounting and Management Faculty at Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH), the Regional development and sustainability PhD coordinator, a faculty member of the Management PhD and a founder team member of the Actuary and Data Science grad program. All these programs at USMNH.

Dr. De la Torre-Torres has been an invited financial markets, risk management and computational finance professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, La Salle University and the Superior Studies Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM).

He has been a peer reviewer in prestigious journals such as:

  • Contaduría y Administración-UNAM (Scopus Q3 Link)

  • Revista Mexicana de Economía y Finanzas (REMEF) del IMEF (CONACyT Q1 Link)

  • European Research on Management and Business Economics (JCR Q2 Link)

  • Electronical Journal of Applied Statistical Analysys (Scopus Q3 Link)

  • Emerging markets review (JCR Q2 Link)

  • Communications in Statistics (JCR Q4 Link)

  • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (JCR Q1 Link)

  • Quantitative Finance and Economics (ESCI-Clarivate Link)

  • Mercados y Negocios (Link)

  • Nova Scientia (CONACyT Q3 Link)

  • Investigación Administrativa (CONACyT Q1 Link)

  • Estocástica, finanzas y riesgos (Link)

  • Revista de estudios gerenciales (Scopus Link)

He has published 40 research papers (go to the research papers page) and 12 research book chapters.

Among his main Academic distinctions, he is member of the National Researchers System (level 1) of the National Counsil of Science and Technology (Mexico) and he has the "Best paper award" (in 2014) from the European Academy of Management and Business Economics and the "Best empirical research award" (in 2014 and 2022) from the American Academy of Financial Management, chapter Latin America.

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